October Specials
Many of our specials can be pre-purchased and used throughout the year
Our Specials

Our move into our brand new facility is getting closer, and we are truly in celebration mode!

Wrinkle Relaxers $10/unit Pre-Buy
Act Fast - Limited Time!

Now through October 19th we are offering a pre-buy special on our Wrinkle Relaxers:
Pre buy Botox/Dysport/Xeomin/Jeuveau at only $10 per unit! Ladies, let’s buy in bulk!

Taking advantage of this promotion is EASY!

  • You do NOT need to know which brand you will use, as the special applies to all brands.

  • Plus, you do not need to use all of the units you purchase in one session, you can use them whenever you need to - even across several visits!

  • Use the payment link below - Select to purchase 25, 50 or 75 units in advance, at $10 per unit, and enter your payment information. Your confirmation of payment will be emailed to you.

  • Call to make your appointment with any of our injectors when YOU are ready, no time limit or restrictions! Use all or some of your prepaid units- whatever you need.

Pre Buy Offer Valid until October 19th
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Profound RF, Ultherapy and Celfina!

Fall and Winter are great times to remodel, and that includes your body!

Tighten and smooth your face and neck with Profound RF or Ultherapy, or a combination of both!

It's another Renew MediSpa Model Call!

Renew MediSpa has performed skin tightening for many years. Our expert nurses will guide you through the best choice for you, based on the level of tightening and smoothing you require. These are both powerful tools for returning a large amount of collagen to multiple layers of the skin, and our results speak for themselves in our before and after photos.

To see more before and after photos, see our before and after gallery.

For the first time, Dr. Lisa and her nurses have devised a protocol that combines these two technologies into a single treatment session!

Due to the power of these combined technologies, this is NOT a series of treatments but rather a single 3 hour service that most clients do not repeat for 3 to 5 years. Separately, these treatments are regularly around $3,750 each!

We are also proud to state that Renew Medispa was named Ultra Provider of Ultherapy 2018 and Profound RF was named New Treatment of the Year Nov 2018.

And, save even more as a Renew MediSpa treatment Model! We are so excited about the results this combination will produce that we are calling for Before and After Models to showcase the results on our website gallery.

And, to complete our "Tighten and Smooth" theme, we are throwing in a special on Cellfina - the single treatment Cellulite solution!

Cellfina Cellulite Solution Model $2,995 (Extended area - reg. $3,500)

Full Face and Neck Tighten and Smooth Model $2,995 (Profound RF + Ulthera customized combination reg. $3,750 each)

Full Face and Neck Tighten and Smooth (non Model) $3,500 (Profound RF + Ulthera customized combination reg. $3,750 each)

Large Body Area Tighten and Smooth Model $2,995 (ex: Abdomen, Thighs or Buttocks - reg. $3,750+)

How it works:

  • Purchase your session in advance - choose Full Face and Neck (model or non model), Large Body Area, or Cellfina

  • Call to schedule your treatment planning consultation - we will obtain your pre treatment photos and tell you everything you need to know to prepare for your transformation! Your treatment plan will be customized to your concerns and goals, and reviewed by Dr. Vuich to assure it is the best for you.

  • Schedule your procedure at any time thereafter, no time restrictions

(Note: Large Body Area and Cellfina Models - no face will be used in the photos. Full Face Models - signed photo release does require use of full face in before and after image. If you are not comfortable with this, please select the "non Model" option) 

Act Fast! This Model Opportunity ends October 31st! Purchase by October 31st BUT you can schedule your consult and procedure at any future date, no restrictions!

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